Saturday, April 11, 2009

Fountain of the Turtles

The Fountain of the Turtles in Huntington Square, Nob Hill, is at the center of a new well of inspiration to me this season. It isn't an area I knew well at all until a year ago when I moved to the northeast quarter of San Francisco for the first time. It is a replica of one in Italy donated to the city by a wealthy patron. At the center of a square that is a high point in The City's urban landscape, it is surrounded by a stunning affluent neighborhood full of deco skyscrapers and just across the street from Grace Cathedral -- our Notre Dame. The square is exquisite in every detail.
I have been sketching here and spending time enjoying the square and the riches inside the Cathedral, which include Keith Haring's last piece as well as a mesmerizing statue of Saint Francis by a local hero of mine, Benjamino Bufano. Only a few blocks from my home, it seems to exist somewhere between San Francisco and the heavens.

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