Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Taking Time for Judee Sill

I have been hearing of Judee Sill for it seems a decade now, but wasn't receptive. Something too straightforward, i thought, got in the way. Now i think her total lack of vibrato mixed with what are in fact cosmic and holy lyrics help her music stand the test of time. What i once took as a shortcoming suddenly feels like a preservative.
Lately, the year 1973 has loomed when i look for music or film or the patina of another time. A year can have a talismanic effect on me. 1973 is a time far enough away to be a foreign country, but close enough to be within reach. Some things are still with us from then -- like NASA, or Elton John -- others are sadly not, like Nick Drake and Judee Sill.
There is no overlooking the tragedy of her story and yet i don't get despair or a troubled feeling from her songs. It took time, but her music sunk in and finally made that 'soft sweet communion of a kiss.'

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