Monday, May 11, 2009

Street Freaks -- How Weird

Street Freaks -- How Weird, originally uploaded by deanv41.

So many cameras captured so many moments of yesterday's 10th annual How Weird Faire that I stopped snapping, instead focusing on the urban cityscape, but the people make the faire so here's a trio I loved.
The Faire is at 2nd and Howard Street in SOMA where I imagined it would fair the worse after relocating a few years ago from the less 'downtown' end of Howard at 12th. The intense South of Market setting, though, enhanced it by featuring a neighborhood that is going through the greatest changes in the whole city. New skyscrapers sit next to old warehouse and commercial blocks. Many of the alleys here are a warren of hidden clubs, galleries, and a vibe that is at odds with the traditional notion of San Francisco as imagined through Haight-Ashbury, and more like Montreal where the downtown is a mixed tapestry. North of Market, The City still retains that divide between downtown financial/commercial and residential, but SOMA in the 21st century is more experimental.
The How Weird Faire's freaks against this scape made my mind buzz.

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