Saturday, June 6, 2009

Green Street Mortuary Marching Band

P1020593, originally uploaded by deanv41.

Every weekend, a marching band leaves North Beach and leads a funeral procession down Stockton Street through the heart of Chinatown. The driver of the hearse throws paper out his window and a flower-framed portrait of the deceased mounted in the back seat of a convertible moves one final time down the district's thoroughfare. It is a uniting ritual, not only between the living and the dead but between the West and The East.

Today, i walked around Chinatown with Ping-gam Go's guide to Chinese characters as depicted in the quarter's signage. I had learned some Kanji in Japan, but am most interested at the moment in its Chinese roots, the ancient forms of each symbol, and how it applies to the Chinese in my neighborhood.
Like the stock in a hot pot shared amongst many, my experience of The City becomes richer with time.

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