Sunday, August 9, 2009

Portsmouth Square

Portsmouth SquareEach square of a city has its own personality. Portsmouth Square is San Francisco's oldest, it's epicenter once, although it has become more of one community's centerpiece than a nexus of a mixed City.
I spent a few hours today sketching in Portsmouth Square with good results and a refreshing return. The weather was a lovely 75 degrees with a mellow ocean breeze. Locals playing cards and Go made way over the afternoon as a Chinese orchestra set up and began clanging away. Crowds gathered around me on the lawns and took in the summer festival atmosphere. Many people came by to look at my sketch and offer encouragement.
I wanted to capture the huddles of people seeking shade, gaming under the Chinese Gates, as well as the skyline that can not be ignored: The brutalism of The Hilton, the iconic Transamerican Pyramid and the Chinese features of the Square mix with the human nature of the place. I almost always have a lamppost in my panoramas. I find in them wonderful examples of pure civilization, high design & function.

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