Friday, August 14, 2009

Premonition Chinatown

Premonition Chinatown, originally uploaded by deanv41.

a sketch by Dean Volker
I did this in mid-September 2008.
On November 1st of that year, I moved into my own apartment situated just behind a building in this sketch. It is a prime example of the visioning that occurs in the act of art. She is my neighbor, perhaps, before i have met her.
I choose the view only with the intent of capturing the stairway on the tower in the midst of the drawing. As I drew, people came by, Chinatown denizens, to see and inquire. One man, especially, introduced himself and took a serious interest in me.
I believe it was the first day I lived in Chinatown, although i lived in North Beach a few blocks away and was looking for more permanent digs.
Six weeks afterwards i lived in the drawing, along Jackson near Powell Street with a view of the tower and Julia Morgan's YWCA, seen above and to the left of the woman. It was the day that I sat down and drew into the district.
I am drawn into art as life.

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