Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Golden Star Radio

Golden Star Radio, originally uploaded by deanv41.

I love living in Chinatown and am aware of the odd position I am in as I am neither Chinese nor a recent immigrant. I have an apartment, not a small room in an SRO. I can only assuage any doubts in my own mind by learning about Chinese and Chinese-American culture, meeting my neighbors, digging deeper and deeper behind the surface of the district, and sharing my thoughts on it with a mind toward the "orientalism" that would cloud my view.
If I were to spearhead one project in the neighborhood that is sharply-defined and of benefit (if only aesthetically) to the city at large, it would be to restore the heritage of neon signage in Chinatown. To look at mid-20th century fotos, the district is alive with the night colors of neon. After dark in this era, Chinatown is very quiet, dark, and virtually empty.
This sign is one of my favorite, as it signals the afterlife of what was likely a micro-broadcaster serving the neighborhood.

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