Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Matti Martin RIP

My sister, Debbie in Alaska, took this foto of Matti Martin, a boy in 4H competition. Each year, the Ninilchik State Fair happens on The Kenai Peninsula and my sister's children usually make out quite well selling poultry and livestock. It is a lucrative and enriching experience for them. This year, however, a boy died. His name was Matti. He tied a rope around his waist when he was tired of leading a cow. The cow bolted and dragged him to death.
My sister took this picture of him not long before he died. It isn't just a wonderful picture, but all that is of him.
I am struck, too, how I can be so taken by one abstract death and yet not another. Isn't tragedy defined by an uncommon, untimely death? Yet as it happens so constantly, some lives snag you like a fish hook and catch you by surprise, and others just swim away.

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