Sunday, October 25, 2009

H is for Hawthorne

H is for Hawthorne, originally uploaded by deanv41.

I was so thrilled with my new city, Portland, and especially its Southeastern districts -- Hawthorne, Belmont, Division -- that i entered a contest to celebrate it. The contest involved branding the Hawthorne District from around 35th through 50th or so. Portland people will immediately recognize this strip as the home of Bagdad Theater (mispelling intentional), a zillion pubs, lounges, clubs, record shops, and an epicenter of a particular counter culture in the city. So I did this piece. The image is all wrong for the contest as it is meant for hanging on banners 20th up posts. The details of Mount Tabor and the building at 55th where I lived at the time, 1998, are lost even if the mound of Tabor is distinct enough for residents to recognize. As for the bottom, a view of the Bagdad and the intersection at the district's cultural core, are too thin-lined, too mild for long viewing. It is an H, but more a personal kind of film reel celebrating a very specific place and time for me.

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