Saturday, October 24, 2009

Won't You Try Saturday Afternoon?

On a gorgeous sunny low-lit Autumn day like today, I always end up singing the song by Jefferson Airplane called "Saturday Afternoon." Not incidentally, the guitarist for that band, Paul Kantner, lives nearby. I see him along Grant Ave getting coffee at Trieste from time to time. I'm dumbstruck to see him, as they were such a big deal to me in the 1980s. It happens, though, more often than I ever imagined, that i meet my stars along the way and they both crash to Earth and become more familiar; better & worse, art & the artist, be and let it be.

"Find a way to need someone and the sunshine will set you free
Won't you try
with love before we’re gone?
When your head is feeling fine
You can ride inside our car
I will give you caps of blue and silver sunlight for your hair.
All that soon will be is what you need to see, my love
‘Round about and everywhere sunshine instead of snow
Times can't change that what I say is true
Yellow clouds rising in the lagoon
Acid, incense and balloons
Saturday afternoon
People dancing everywhere, love is shouting I don’t care
It’s a time for growing and a time for knowing
Won’t you try
Saturday afternoon?"

Jefferson Airplane, December 1967.

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