Tuesday, December 22, 2009

3 in Dieulefit

3 in Dieulefit, originally uploaded by deanv41.

In 2005, I spent time in France. The experience had a profound impact on me, as it does for many people.
This is a piece that evolved from that trip. It is drawn from a photograph by a friend from San Francisco. In the center is me. To my left is the photographer's mother who I've known for years. She hosts our book group that has been ongoing for a dozen plus years. To my right is the photographer's daughter. We are walking through the village of Dieulefit, which means "God Made It." It is lovely place in the mountains east of the Rhone, in the Drôme département of France, a very ancient region that is a bit lost in time. So, this piece is a both a self portrait and a capture in time of another artist sharing the same experience.

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