Friday, January 8, 2010

Cosmic Dancer

Tonight while fooling around with my guitar learning an old Marc Bolan/T Rex song called Cosmic Dancer, I was struck by a line I'd sung countless times. I suddenly understood it for the first time.

What's it like to be alone? I liken it to a balloon."

There's something incredible in those lines about a way of looking at the world, at least for a pop star at his peak in 1971, soon to be gone.
Still, I can live by those lines and feel free.
Postscript: a commentator noted here that I had misheard the lyric. She claims he sings, "What's it like to be a loon? I liken it to a balloon," which does rhyme, but I get rather more from my misinterpretation. This would be a "mondegreen," a misinterpretation of a song lyric. I'll stick with it it, though, even if I love loons.


laserlady7 said...

The actual line is "what's it like to be a loon, I liken it to a balloon". I've loved this song for years.

DbV said...

Hey, a "Mondegreen!" That, as you may know, is a misunderstood word that a person believes is the right lyric in the song. It often seems to have more meaning than the true intention, as is the case here where I have all my life misunderstood this T Rex song and got a great buzz out of being a balloon. Oh well.