Thursday, January 14, 2010

Oh Wretched Wilbur

Sandy Denny.
She died in her early 30s falling down the cellar stairs and hemorrhaged to death in April of 1978. In her time she made the British Isles the center of the folk and rock world with Fotheringay, Fairport Convention, Led Zeppelin and her solo work.
She remains obscure to many though renowned in so many circles.
Sandy played a grand piano and a mighty 12-string guitar.
She wrote like a Guenevere longing for her Lancelot yet the same as any lass who could stop a room; a voice like no other and songs we still pause to hear down through the years.
She drank. She played along with the boys. She loved hard and died apart in the basement.
Her music, though, fills me again and again with ideas & legends, art and bonhomie; never hopeless, evermore.

I try to play her music and always fall short.
Because of its pleasures still i try and try.



leslie a said...

we should still pitch a Sandy Denny biopic!

DbV said...

I think about that idea all the time. It's so ripe!