Friday, January 1, 2010

To a Brighter Californian Future

When the nation feels torn and twisted in knots, my reaction is that it is too big a concept anymore to embrace much less be embracing and so I declare that I am in this new decade an adopted son of this state, California, alone. It is not just a mighty land but an idea worth believing. Yet, even it is, perhaps, too big to govern, imagine, dream into a better place.
So, refining a definition of homeland for me comes to this: The Bay Area -- these nine counties, 8000 square miles, 7 million souls, 101 cities -- and as so many pilgrims to Lourdes, San Francisco is the core; both my eternal home and beacon.
All is not well as the New Year dawns. My prayer is that 2010 be a more just and peaceful year for Californians. Alas, beyond these borders, my hope diminishes daily.

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