Monday, March 8, 2010

The back streets of Col. Emiliano Zapata

An old housemate of mine decided suddenly to go to Puerto Vallarta on my recommendation. He's there now. I let him know about the awesome seafood quesadilla spot just across the highway from the airport where it is best to eat before heading into town. I can make no decisions on an empty stomach. As it's his first time there, it would be easy to end up at the beach and start drinking without eating well right off the bat. Tacon de Marlin is an exceptional eartery.
I could load him up with tips, but I'm reminded of a thought I have when tourists approach me in San Francisco for directions: it is often best to be lost here.
Puerto Vallarta is meant to be discovered as easily as a walk around an old Mexican town, at least for now in its parts as easily negotiable as could be -- From Playa los Muertos, through the Old Town, into the hills and across rope & plank bridges to Isla Cuale. The river that runs through it separates the Old Town from El Centro, the original Downtown. The Malecon fronts the sea there and as I walk into the heights of Gringo Gulch past famous restaurants and haunts of Hollywood Stars in days gone by, I can look back across the city and the open arms of the bay. Just for now.

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