Tuesday, March 2, 2010

From Sama's on Olas Altas

Sama's on Olas Altas is my favorite cocktail lounge in Puerto Vallarta. It's a welcoming spot again and again. The hosts are very kind and almost Japanese in their manner of engaging the patron. Mexicans do have a common manner that people from The States lack. Is it our wild diversity and unscripted narrative that makes us different? Americans are unpredictable. Japanese are solidly predictable for clear reasons of history and culture. I am learning the cultures of Mexico slowly, but it strikes me that there is a common shout, El Grito, that gives Mexico its certain charm and power.
Back to the cocktail hour, though, as tribes flow from the beach to to the sunset rooftops to cocktail lounges, restaurants, bars and discos. Ritmo is not only the music on the streets, it is the time of day to eat, to drink, to do nothing, or to go out into the warm nights.
See you at Sama's.
Daiquiri at Sama's

Sama's Lounge and Diva's Bar, Olas Altas

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