Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Controls for the Heart of Me

The goal of this season is to adjust the volume between what is going on in the wide world around me and keeping my nerves together so that I can thrive in the time and place I am given. Lately, I can feel the creeping tension of the spring wound too tight without a chance of proper release. The factors of life naturally become more complex and my own are not simple, i realize.
I have resolved the tension before with a holiday, a trip somewhere that distracts and relaxes, but I have pledged to stay put so that I can retire debts that are at critical mass. Travel is too costly.
The noise in contemporary life deafens, so choosing channels and the right headphones is part & parcel the prescription for coping. Certain threads of American public life especially are so divisive, ugly, and vicious that it prompts my sense of hurt and alienation. To assuage that, I reach toward art, beauty, my chosen City, and the right I have as an adult to choose my company carefully and live the way I must. I am adjusting the volume.

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