Friday, April 23, 2010

Drawing What Must Not Be Drawn

I want to draw an image of Mohammed. It is my right to do so. I am also strangely nervous about such a 'provocation.' That feeling of nervousness is more unsettling to me than I thought. I'll draw whatever I want, right? Why should I respect a religion that seems to want me dead for being the gay person I am? Dan Savage is promoting a Everyone Draw Mohammed Day. I fail to see how in this society to do so is anything other than exercising our basic rights, even to be offensive if that's how someone wants to take it. I'm offended constantly and often by mainstream media and "Average American Joes" but not murderously offended. Does that mean I have the right to censor, condemn, or threaten? In this society, the threat of death for a drawing is antithetical to everything we are founded upon.
Tonight, I'm working on my portrait of the leader of Islam. If that is provocative, so be it. I am free.

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