Wednesday, April 21, 2010

i do have Redoubts

My sister is in the shadow of a volcano that is a kind of Mandala in my mind, from my childhood in Alaska, Redoubt. Like Mount Hood is to Portland, Oregon, or Mount Rainier is to Seattle, so Redoubt is to Cook Inlet although it isn't the only volcano there. Spurr is also active and has erupted recently.
My sister writes:
" in the shadow of several volcanos, it is easy to become blasé about how powerful they can be. I love the majesty of Spurr and the beauty of Redoubt, the view of the chain: Augustine, Illiamna, Redoubt, and Spurr on a clear day. But nothing can compare to seeing any one of them errupting. The sudden realization that you need to take cover from the approaching ash cloud is a lesson in reality to be sure. I feel for the Icelandic people and for the lives that have been disrupted from the volcano. We take so much for granted every single day."


Debbie said...

Feel free to use any of my photos of Redoubt or any others you find interesting. I have an entire album of Redoubt and I updated it fairly recently with a fairly decent photo (unusually sharp) on a crisp cold day.

Debbie said...

Oh, one poignant comment from a friend of mine, "We're as close to Redoubt as Pompeii is to Vesuvius." Kind of puts things into perspective...