Monday, April 26, 2010

Mosaic City

Mosaic City, originally uploaded by deanv41.

I want to study mosaic making. There's something very appealing to me about shards of pottery, china, porcelain embedded in a plain to recreate a new piece of art in an ancient media. This piece is around 15th Street and Harrison in The Mission District depicting an imagined memory of the view a century before in this part of the emerging city, looking north easterly toward the future cosmopolis.


Debbie said...

This mosaic is really cool! I want to do something with broken pottery and colored glass on our beams outside the front door... it's on my 'someday' list. I'm waiting until our school gets it's kiln, I'm sure I'll get a treasure trove of nice glazed broken pottery from there.

DbV said...

I love the idea of using gorgeous broken pieces to create something new. I really want to understand more about it.