Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Poland Effect

News of the tragic events near Smolensk, Russia where a large swath of Poland's leadership was killed in an airline crash is such an ominous moment in these times. I find the fact almost too much too consider in its ramifications, having studied the history of Poland, Eastern Europe, Germany & Russia with close attention for decades. It portends something momentous.
That the entourage were going to Katyn Forest to memorialize a horrific event 70 years ago in which over 20,000 of Poland's intelligentsia and miliary elite were executed is a story too fraught with meaning and resonance of the worst kind. I feel that this will be a seminal event, a testing time for more than just the Poles.
I found this shot on flickr and was moved by it. I repost it here.
photo: courtesy of Vataa via flickr.

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