Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Scorn Not His Simplicity

Sinéad O'Connor has never really gone away, although she seemed exiled from the American music charts and popular culture for her stance on The Catholic Church and priestly sexual misbehavior that The Pope and his minions kept under wraps. For her demonstration on television, ripping the portrait of the Papal Person in half, she fell from grace. Yet, lately her prescience is revealing. The Catholic Church has never been more mired in scandal in my lifetime, and the enormity and consequence of the crimes seems almost too considerable to overcome, much less ignore. The words from Rome in light of all evidence are astonishingly off mark, without credence, and shameless.
I am not Catholic, but feel compelled to stand up with those who know what the Church did to them and how it continues to warp all sense of human sexuality to the detriment of peaceful society.
I am posting a lesser known song by Sinéad O'Connor from 1994. She still has the power to surprise, to humanize, to call up spirits, and to call out a father who mistreats a child; a Universal Mother.

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