Saturday, May 15, 2010

Black, White, Brown & Beige

Philadelphia in the 1970s: Soul, R&B, Disco. On my radio i heard not only The O'Jays, but also Elton John's 'Philadelphia Freedom" & David Bowie's "Young Americans." It was a Black Capitol. The sound evoked the place completely. As a child, that city was a bicentennial epicenter as well as a shining beat known around the world.

Tonight at Aunt Charlie's in The Tenderloin, a premiere freak in the city, Jupiter, performed the most famous song by 3 Degrees, a trio from Phillie. The song is certainly a crowning jewel: "When Will I See You Again (Precious Moments)". Jupiter's take was resplendent.
So later i looked it up on youtube and got down to more brass tacks about Philadelphia Soul & Disco.
The set in the number below is as immaculate as the song. Here is a pure black future, a cosmos of possibilities.
The decade is defined by the dance floor and never more so than The Seventies. A Soul Utopia could be found there, before crack, in grooves and harmonies, steps and sashays together and solo, for a moment or forever.

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