Monday, May 10, 2010

The Howe Weird Skyline SF

How Weird began near Howard Street and 12th about a decade ago as a fusion of Berlin's Love Parade, Burning Man, and SoMa Nightlife exposed to the Daylight.
The neighbors eventually complained enough to have the party moved down Howard toward The Bay. The district where the street festival is now held opens up a new territory in San Francisco, one that has gone through cycles of vibrancy and desolation. It has emerged as an arts district, purpose-built after the demolition of derelict housing that had once been blue collar gone to seed into the 1970s.
Yerba Buena Gardens was conceived to consolidate art collections as wells promote a disastrous urban experiment known as Renewal that usually decimated vibrant areas for decades and left citizens with not just a sour taste but a radical heart that considered every decision within the county to be critical. Things slip through every net like the residential skyscraper recently built at the foot of the Bay Bridge. It will never see its planned siblings any time soon -- after the Credit Collapse that froze everything -- and throws the 'mound' effect of our skyline drastically off balance. Perhaps its rectification will come sooner than i think, but until then it is an eyesore.
Back to the How Weird Faire, though. To be in this historic, but interrupted, neighborhood as it is in the process of being socially reclaimed is wonderful.

The Howe Weird Skyline SF, originally uploaded by deanv41.

South of Market is also the place where Dorothea Lange documented the hopelessness of so many men in the 1930s. The original skid row. Now it re-emerges as a creative business district and the southern skirt of The Financial District.
Staging How Weird at this intersection further reclaims the territory from strictly commerce by interjecting a more free form economy of people and ideas: A Burning Love Man Parade writ upon SoMa on a Sunday in May.


Debbie said...

cool photo Dean. You could publish a pictoral/historical album with all your amazing cityscape pix. I bet it would sell!

DbV said...

Thanks, Deb. I really look for unexpected views of this rather over-photographed City. I'm always amazed how tourists all take the same picture when there are so very many untapped perspectives. I avoid ever photographing cable car or the Golden Gate Bridge. Why when there's a zillion postcards with better shots?