Saturday, June 5, 2010

Françoise Hardy: La Question

Francoise Hardy: La Question, originally uploaded by deanv41.

I have circled around the music of Françoise Hardy for years, compelled by her image and delivery, but not always her music. It seemed merely pleasant and utilitarian to me. Until now.
As i perused the selection at Aquarius Music on Valencia Street I read an ecstatic blurb attached to Hardy's 1971 CD, La Question.

As i listen to the album, I wonder if I hear Robert Kirby arrangements and music by Nick Drake. It very well could be. The mystery co-conspirator of this rediscovered album is "Tuca." Not much is known of him. In Patrick Humphries' 1998 biography he documents Drake's obsession with Hardy as well as trips through France. He is known to have met her. He most certainly would have given her music of his to play, and Hardy has coyly broached the possibility in interviews. I can imagine this a fragment of a lost album from the long two years between Bryter Later and Pink Moon. It is also a Dylan dream from Lay Lady Lay, with strings on Rêve lifted directly from the 1969 hit. So Hardy's album is a visitation from these men, these poets and players who publicly sought her attention. Perhaps? I ask myself the question.

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