Friday, June 18, 2010

Huichol Hand in Mine

Huichol Hand in Mine, originally uploaded by deanv41.

Last evening, I had a fascinating conversation at Vesuvio's with a guy following the Mexico win over France in the World Cup. As our talk turned to his roots around Guadalajara, I mentioned my time there and in Puerto Vallarta. In passing, I also mentioned the Huichol people who are a very unique Indian tribe in the rural Mexican West and run successful galleries featuring their visionary beaded art in the cities.
It turns out that the person I was chatting with has an intimate relationship with the Huichol, having been raised until the age of 4 in a native village where his mother and father had met while working for a clinic serving the tribe. He even has a Huichol name as well as his given name, such is the depth of relation that his family, his mother in particular, developed with these mysterious and mystically-minded people. He is currently working on a documentary about this clinic.
The wonderful serendipity of this conversation made a huge impression on me. It reminded me of the incredible richness of Mexican culture and also the aesthetic dazzle of this particular tribe's artwork.
Pictured is a Huichol decorated conch shell I picked up in Puerto Vallarta. It is a mesmerizing piece of folk art.

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