Tuesday, June 29, 2010

mid-century birds

mid-century birds, originally uploaded by deanv41.

I really got around town on Sunday. I walked from home through the Gay Pride Parade early in the day to Civic Center, up through Hayes Valley & Buena Vista Park, back down Market Street, to SoMa and The Eagle Tavern and finally home again. I usually end up doing that on Gay Pride since there's so much to see, so many fresh faces, and an urge to come to and go from crowds. Then by the time it's late afternoon, the entire town seems buzzed and a little fried, but not before winding up the weekend with a final blast. For me it was Honey Sound System at Paradise Lounge later that night. The music pulsed a new sort of windup and the dancers seem to blow their tops. Good times.
This is a quieter piece from the weekend spotted in the Deco Ghetto above the sign for an antique shop around Franklin and Market Street. It features three birds in a mid-century style. I'm very fond of it.

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