Saturday, July 31, 2010

Chinatown Night Market

On Saturday nights in the Summertime, Chinatown hosts a Night Market in Portsmouth Square. I love the idea of a Night Market, especially if it were along the lines of something from say Taipei, chockablock full of food vendors and buzzing, but while everyone turns out, this local one is far more retiring. There are young Chinese people in The Bay Area, surely. A good blast of energy could sweep some cobwebs out of what is a needed amenity. There isn't any shopping to speak of in Chinatown at night usually. The items for sale here were mostly holiday kitsch and free calendars from cultish organizations. Very little food on offer, but if you need kids pajamas there's plenty of choices. Not really for tourists or even San Franciscans, this is primarily a neighborhood gathering, a Chinese Passeggiata.

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