Saturday, July 31, 2010

Golden Flower at Night

Golden Flower at Night, originally uploaded by deanv41.

After the Night Market, I was craving Phở, the miraculous Vietnamese soup that hits every spot. I rarely eat Chinese food in Chinatown, preferring the Vietnamese and other Southeast Asian joints. I imagine the Vietnamese in Chinatown share some ethnic heritage with the southern Chinese who dominate the neighborhood. It is certainly a popular cuisine for the locals too. I have a different favorite spot for different dishes. Golden Flower on Jackson Street at Wentworth serves my favorite Phở and the owner is a sweet & slightly sassy lady, a bit like a Vietnamese Flo, always with the "Honey" and "Dear."


sfmike said...

The vast majority of Vietnamese refugees from the Vietnam War in the United States are of Chinese ethnic stock, something not much talked about for some reason. They are called the Hoa and tend to speak Cantonese with a Vietnamese accent. Like your blog.

DbV said...

Thanks for the comment. I noted that bit about Vietnamese ancestry because i know in Seattle's International District that they are of Chinese descent, a seperate ethnic group as you pointed out. I'm curious now about the idea that most refugees were Hoa. Perhaps they, like the Hmong, were close US allies and received preferred refugee status after the war? I'll investigate.