Wednesday, July 7, 2010

i would love to go back to the old house

In the twenty-odd years i've lived in San Francisco, twice the view out my window was the magnificent mansion at Page and Ashbury Street. It shows up in movies through the years if you look closely. I recall seeing it in an awful Hippie Exploitation Flick when i lived a block away in the mid-90s. Was it "The Trip"? Something lysergic, cautionary, ridiculous, groovy.

Page & Ashbury Mansion, originally uploaded by deanv41.

Later, in 2006, i lived a few months mid block of Ashbury Street near Haight. The photo above shows the view from my window then, though it has since been nicely painted.

My time in The Haight Ashbury is an essential part of my idea of The City, for good (architecture, Jefferson Airplane) and ill (street kids, Jim Jones).

I appreciate it especially now that i live downtown, in the northeastern quarter, a ways from the central neighborhoods. When i come 'round to the old house, it's like a circle closing and ghosts flutter up toward the turret to perch on a weathervane, watching me again.

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