Wednesday, July 7, 2010

mime not mime

Fleeting House is concerned with city culture: concepts of life and death, beauty and decay. Plagues have been depicted in the art and literature of urban people since biblical times, centuries before that certainly. Ports so often are the nexus of exchange, cultural as well as biological. From ports in Europe spread The Plague in the 14th century. Images of The Black Death are among the most arresting dramas on canvas. So to ignore the most recent Plague would be remiss. HIV/AIDS informs modern urban life without question and is a different historical circumstance than the one we found ourselves confronting not that long ago.
I have watched as the news of it came first from distant television land; a rumor, a stricken mystery. It would, year by year, wash across the world and onto my own city shores with a fatal crash.
Response to it has defined the counterculture since the early 1980s. For the past decade fear has ebbed and that is all to the good, but forces threaten to reverse progress. Austerity programs to socialize the wild and ongoing losses from speculation are no excuse to commit people to a sickening future.
Complicated and overwhelming, yes, but not as much as the first wave. I don't miss the sex panic of the 80s. Let's not return to yesteryear.

Here is an especially entertaining project presented by friends to refocus attention but with 21st century levity.

Silence = Filth
"Filmed at various locations in San Francisco, CA in summer 2010 by Jenn Dorn and Danyol Leon, this short features local performance artists Philip Huang, Baruch Porras-Hernandez, Kirk Read, Desiree Monique Rogers, and Kevin Seaman. Music includes "Head In The Clouds" by Adonisaurus and original compositions by Brian Whitty. Special thanks to Dana Hopkins and The LAB."

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