Tuesday, July 13, 2010

To the 9th Power: SF Bay Nation

SF Bay Nation:
Nine counties the size of El Salvador with an economy comparable to Denmark; a density of population approaching Japan's; a people numbering a bit more than Hong Kong and a bit less than Israel; a per capita GDP in very highest echelon, besting Singapore and Norway; and a range of eco-zones as diverse and dynamic as any comparable place, save perhaps New Zealand, on the globe; the SF Bay Area is viable City-State, enviable, full of a hopeful future that must be examined and considered as a way out of a morass that could drown us before the weather does.
Fiscal chaos and complexity at the State, much less the National level, is evident, so to bring it back a few steps, the political entity that makes the most sense to me is The Bay Area. It is big enough but comprehensible; 9 counties bordering a great bay that still generates waves of innovation and authentic Humanism against the grain of much of the rest of the country.
As we continue The Great Experiment here, to try to imagine tomorrow, the urge for stasis (or is it The Rapture?) pushes back. In the same breath we might hear derisive comments about our collective values, "San Francisco Values" in the media shorthand, as deviant. Yet the same set is happy to enjoy the fruits of our Apple. So be it, but kindly put the ear buds back in and step aside because this place still projects The Future and pulls others toward it.

It is time to consider The Bay Area a Nation-State with the pull, power, obligations, and stature that entails. No sooner had thoughts coalesced for me around the idea of forging this City-State identity as a way toward a sustainable & progressive future for Northern California, than that stodgiest of rags, The SF Chronicle, pens a small piece on the meme.
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sfmike said...

Nicely written and thought out.

leslie said...

I love this...wish I could post it on that dastardly fb! x