Monday, August 23, 2010

Sutter Street Hot Rod

Hot Summertime Sutter Street
Every Summer needs a song that just rings out of cars speeding by, bleeding out of ear buds, pricks everyone's ears & rocks the pier to make that one Summer in The City indelible. Some prime examples: "Carwash," "Born to Run," "Little Red Corvette," "Hey-Ya!," and "Crazy." That last number was by Gnarls Barkley a few Summer's back. Cee-Lo, from the band, has a fresh and vicious single out called, "Fuck You." I heard it today coming out of a hotrod on Sutter just as the temps seem to hit the 90s. Funny, those Hot Summer Songs usually have something to with cars. Maybe it's the heat waving off the asphalt and the bass rattling nearby windows, the acceleration that does it.

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