Monday, September 20, 2010

Hot Rod XO

Ubiquitous to the point of invisibility, our cars drive us.
Imagine Cuba. In Havana, what kind of automobile comes to mind?
Even now, what spirit does it invoke for you?
Sometimes, cars create other eras on the streets through specific forms and universal function. Like time machines, we each discover again and again its ability to take us further faster, in many styles, through time.

Hot Rod XO
If Six were Nine: Plymouth Barracuda 440 Coupe 1969 ~ XO.

I like everything about this shot of a vintage hot rod on Powell Street in North Beach -- the people on the sidewalk, the driver, the light reflecting off the car doors, the signage, and the particular vintage of the vehicle. Even the contemporary bumper of the car in front of it, just barely in the photo, reminds me that this is not truly vintage.
I never seek the sense of 'illusion' in painting, photography, the mix of the two or in life. I like seeing the seams between one moment and another, one media and the next, the clearly current moment even if time in the main looks past -- the bumper of now against the style of then with a mind toward tomorrow.

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