Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Worrying Times

Worrying Times, originally uploaded by deanv41.
Detail of a sketch I did at Washington Square in 2008 that captures my mood this week.

I wonder if it's possible, given my day job that involves, to an extent, monitoring the news, for me to substantially unplug during this political season in an effort to turn the noise down and find a calmer place from which to operate. I can end up swamped and very upset by the national tenor of things as hateful, strange, ignorant, and dangerous as they have become.

My goal this season is to more fairly measure my own welfare against that of my immediate community -- my neighborhood, not some abstract notion of identity -- my city, and only then my state. Beyond that, the Tsunami of Awful is too much for me. Once, I may have been willing to spar with all boxers, but these days I need to save my energy for personal battles and leave the impossible National Debate to the talking heads and screamers in the media.

I believe in San Francisco but am failing in my faith in these once United States.

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