Friday, October 1, 2010

Allen, Out of Time

Allen Out of Time, originally uploaded by deanv41.

Eric Drooker made an appearance last night at City Lights Bookstore in North Beach. I arrived a bit late and found it packed, so i sat on the stairs leading up to the Poetry Room where i could here him talking, playing instruments, imagining the slides he showed of his work with Allen Ginsberg as they fashioned the illustrated version of Howl together just before he died.
I have followed Drooker since his seminal, wordless, Flood! A Novel in Pictures set me buzzing in 1992. He is a New Yorker with close ties to the Beats but a generation younger than them.
I saw the new film adaptation of Howl starring James Franco and featuring Drooker's animated work. It is electrifying and absurd; deftly able to light up the diminishing incandescent bulb of the Beat era one more time.

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