Monday, October 18, 2010

Anatolian Birthday Bowl

Anatolian Birthday Bowl, originally uploaded by deanv41.

A Tulip is the symbol of Anatolia: 'Turkey' in Western parlance.

My sister gave me the most wonderful gift of an ornamental bowl from Anatolia, decorated in tulip theme and the most intense and specific colors: orange, red, yellow, light blue, white, & green. It is mesmerizing. I adore it. It brings me closer to to her, other great cultures, and my own kitchen. It is prized and forever coveted.


deb said...

love the bowl, love, love, love you <3 Happy birthday!

DbV said...

It is now my 2nd favorite inanimate object at home, just after Theodore Von Teddy Bear. I stare at it endlessly. An apt gift!