Monday, October 25, 2010

Feeling '69 Ways

In October 1969, I was two years old and living with my family in Heidelberg, hardly aware of anything but the fuzz of the carpet. Yet there was something in the air and it must have gotten in me. It's still on my tongue and in my mind...
"Barabajagal (Love is Hot)" by Donovan with The Jeff Beck Group, 1969.

Late at night when i should be sleeping i'll try to tease out the essence of another era. Instead of sheep, i'll count the decades, pass through the cobwebs toward either sleep or time travel, which is the same thing.
Tonight, i see you through the longhairs of 1969.
Allmusic's blog highlighted the year recently [click title] and turned me on to the earth tones and electric blues of that revolution mad moment. There were strange spirits about, damned angels, and people in the streets. The tug between pushing it forward and going up the country sparked smoldering earthy and dangerous music for the times.

Though Canned Heat's "Going Up the Country" was released in October of 1968, it found its métier the following August at the Woodstock Festival in Upstate New York, as a clarion call for hippies to ge back to the garden, as it were.
The still below is a scene featuring Donovan in the film If It's Tuesday, It Must be Belgium made the same fraught yet groovy year.
Another blast from the 60s end is this wonderful hit by Thunderclap Newman, produced by Pete Townsend, called "Something in the Air." It was originally titled "Revolution," but The Beatles released theirs first, only it was more a question than an answer song. The soaring hit by TN rings as true over four decades later as it did in '69.
Thunderclap Newman
"Lock up the streets & houses
because there's something in the air.
We've got to get together sooner or later,
because the Revolution's here.
And you know it's right.
And you know that it's right.
We have got to get it together,
We have got to get together now..."

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