Monday, October 11, 2010

Millerton, West Marin County

From Inverness on the southwesterly coast of Tomales Bay several towns are just visible across the water. Here is Millerton, an incidental waterside settlement where folks seem gathered on bleachers to watch something like a swim meet or a boat race.
I appreciate the look of certain small Bay Area towns that have an echo of the Victorian era and an infusion of counterculture through the years. I imagine Hitchcock's Bodega Bay on the coast of Sonoma from The Birds. Or the aesthetic and spiritual power of the Missions of California, power points for better and worse, still hallmarks of urban culture from the 18th century colonizers melding by force their god and the native gods, to the present urban battles waged everyday on the streets of San Francisco's Mission District. Millerton seems further than the forty miles it is from The City. Perhaps I'll stay on that side next season.

Millerton, California

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