Monday, October 11, 2010

Now Face North

Crossing The Golden Gate the other day through a bank of fog and emerging into Marin was like a sun shower after a murky fugue. I hadn't gotten away in so long that the magnetic tug of my districts need to be pulled apart finally by the piercing that veil and coming to the North Bay.
Marin County, all of about 800 square miles, has its east/west divide, and apparently further cultural divisions within that as I begin to understand it. Each town has its own draw, its own enigma, its own foibles and appeal. No place is really very big, and no more than a quarter million call the county home.
West Marin is particularly known for its progressive attitude, some say new age, certainly old hippie thinking. It is also wildly beautiful, oaken and arranged in a quilt of empty scrub, giant redwoods, a sheer fault line, estuaries, coves, bays and majestic Mount Tamalpais rising above all the towns like a big-skirted Hawaiian Queen blown across the ocean on Poseidon's surfboard to the middle of Marin.
The North Bay
A view over North Beach, Fisherman's Wharf, and the north San Francisco Bay to Mount Tam in Marin County.

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