Friday, October 29, 2010

Street Lights, People oohhh...

I'm the last person to 'get' baseball, but as the SF Giants are clearly in the 'World' Series it is here and everywhere ORANGE fever. I'd prefer 90 minutes and a team of Soccer players any day of the week, but since that season is over and a Grip has hold of The City, i concede that i've gone to my local [ Vesuvio's in North Beach ] to watch it after work this week and payed a modicum of attention.
Tonight, though, a link was made for me when i caught a fan's video on youtube of a local San Franciscan, Steve Perry formerly of the band Journey, singing the group's classic "Don't Stop Believin'" from the way up in the second-tier stands along with the entire crowd -- all 43,000+ of them -- with no halftime BS, just passion and thrill for the hometown team. This is the frontman of an enormous moneymaker who turned down the nostalgia tour and has laid low watching others make money from his melodies.
It was the first time in the Series that i understood how Americans might really, deeply, feel about the game. Seem like Cricket to me, nevertheless, but it's a blast around here no matter. A friend of mine remarked, though, that he can't stop believin' Steve Perry still has the same haircut from 1982.

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