Monday, November 15, 2010

The Northwest Coast of San Francisco

Though the urban reflection is generally architectural, street-driven, peopled and bustling, many cities have surprising natural elements. Golden Gate Park is entirely manmade as a great garden and succeeds in the way New York's Central Park does, by harmonizing the intensity of urban lines and hard surfaces with flora and the soft edges a person naturally craves.
Then there are those places that are vestiges of the wilderness that came before the city. Along San Francisco's northwest fringe, the undeveloped coastline creates a kind of buffer from the mighty Pacific Ocean's winds and tides. It isn't truly wild, of course, as the integrity of the bluffs are maintained by the efforts of park and recreation. The tarp masses in this view show as much. Here we are looking south from just below the Golden Gate Bridge base at The Presidio to Marshall's Beach, a naturist magnet, and further down the coast to Lincoln Park on San Francisco's very Northwest tip.

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