Saturday, November 6, 2010

Persimmon Time

Persimmons are in, originally uploaded by deanv41.

Seasons can be difficult to distinguish in San Francisco by the weather. I find myself marking time by different indicators like street festivals and what shows up in the markets around my neighborhood.
In Japan, when i lived there over the millennium, seasonal changes are celebrated intensely. The height of fanaticism for me was watching a newscaster one evening live from Osaka eating a tempura-fried autumnal maple leaf. That would be an interesting addition to the New England Thanksgiving plate, wouldn't it?
As trees shed their leaves for Winter, not only are the colors spectacular but wonderfully orange persimmons are left naked amongst the branches. Walking to the train station seeing ropes of strung persimmons drying in the long fall light is a very seasonal, November image of Japanese life to me.
These are Fuyu's that have just come to market in Chinatown. When i saw them today i flashed back suddenly to Inuyama on a very bright, cold day.

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