Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Blue Period

My Blue Period, originally uploaded by deanv41.

I've been reading a massive, and miraculous, biography of Pablo Picasso in three volumes by John Richardson. It is a sculpture in three dimensions of the greatest and most prolific Modern artist of the 20th Century. Richardson knew Picasso. The author's milieu was dense with art, society, and spark that has produced a number of excellent books from his Upper East Side study; a showcase itself once profiled by Charlie Rose.
The third volume has just been published in paperback, but I've been taking my time reading closely and trying (while failing) to stick to the narrative without dipping into the other volumes to taste later movements like Cubism and the Spaniard's explorations of African masks. He has finally moved back to Paris where my bookmark rests, there for the fourth and final attempt to establish himself in the city. Barcelona is behind him, though always in his heart, and he is making an atelier in Le Bateau-Lavoir upon Montmartre. Through the pale, thin lips of Sabartés he is moving away from the totality of blue into the Rose Moment -- pinks, mauves, shades of red.
I, on the other hand, feel firmly in my own Blue Period as Winter is only just under way. This self portrait is my Holiday homage to Picasso's ghost and Richardson's pen.

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