Sunday, December 26, 2010

Spotting Dan Plasma

I'm drawn to Dan Plasma's street artwork and finding it at all the right turns. Here's a small piece i spotted in Clarion Alley on the south side nearest Mission Street. The projects there are ever-evolving samples of the best of The Mission School of Street Art. Influences from manga are clear, but i can see so much of a Mestizo element emerging that distinguishes it from say Parisian graffiti or the walls around Filatorigát in Budapest. Themes of crossing the Mexican border fill murals in the area, especially those made by Precita Eyes, telling explicitly narrative tales of immigration and rebirth. Dan Plasma Natives, though, are more Blackfeet Nation with Northwestern tribal design elements. He may use symbols like a flag, a feather, or coffee -- like this mug -- but not words. He displays his work through "nomadics," like delivery trucks or a van; "concrete," -- as on a wall; or "fence," the transitional spaces including doors, windows and chain link.

His work reminds me of the words attributed to Chief Sealth of the Duwamish, that one day the ghosts of indian tribes will haunt the streets of our cities.

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