Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Object of Desire

Object of Desire by Day, originally uploaded by deanv41.

Here is a piece of art I bought from an artist friend, Elizabeth Ashcroft, as a gift to myself. I was so struck by it on the wall at Vesuvio that I wanted to acquire it then & there. It's called Second Hand Book: Object of Desire. The feather is attached to a second hand of a clock inside a book that ticks in seconds around the female form at the center of the cut-through. She is surrounded by expressions of desire. The set of eyes below the circle look out at the voyeur, witnessing the desire of its audience. I adore the Surrealism of it -- as they often used clocks, books & nudes to express hidden knowledge, the mysteries of time, and a subconcious obsession with sex in the mind of man. It's a fantastic piece of seduction to watch the feather tickle the female figure, both sensing time yet not telling it.

Object of Desire (long exposure)

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