Sunday, February 6, 2011

Shelagh McDonald: When Will You be Back?

Shelagh McDonald was set to be a great light at the dawn of the Seventies, but drifted badly through an LSD experience that lasted weeks, losing her singing voice in the process and retreating from public life. She later went with travelers across England and is only now coming back to public light again.She is as much a myth as recording artist.
The mothers of Acid Folk -- Shelagh McDonald, Annie Brigg, Vashti Bunyan, Judee Sill, Bridget St. John, Sandy Denny-- are like the muses singing forever over half-forgotten oceans, vanished or nearly so, walking the shores of other islands.
Shelagh McDonald has recently resurfaced and plans to record, which, like Vashti Bunyan before her, is like a resurrection in a century more prepared to receive her.
Here is "Rod's Song" from her 1971 album, Stargazer.

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