Friday, February 11, 2011

Watching, Waiting

This great Mackenzie River husky had everyone's attention at the Ferry Building Farmers' Market, fine with being petted but really much more intent on the bay gulls & cormorants dipping along the waves around the ferry slip.

Watching, Waiting, originally uploaded by deanv41.

The cluster of highrise buildings beyond is the South Beach and
Rincon Hill areas South of Market that have become an intense magnet for recent development. Here the Bay Bridge meets The City and traffic flows heavily. CalTrain terminates here as well, connecting San Francisco with Silicon Valley. It is a zone of intense transportation activity that sorely needs upgrading. The beginning demolition work of the old Transbay Terminal nearby is the first phase of rebuilding it on a massive scale. That will certainly reorient downtown ever further south of the Financial District.

In a few years, SoMa will be the great 21st Century hub of The Bay Area, reconfiguring the Central Waterfront through Mission Bay to Dogpatch and Pier 70. America's Cup is scheduled for 2013. Hopefully, the pricey regatta shall reinvigorate the Northeastern Waterfront and The North Shore to Crissy Field and The Golden Gate Bridge. The very edges of San Francisco will be thoroughly revamped. I suspect it may not be all smooth sailing, though, getting the place ship shape. Time will tell.

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