Monday, March 21, 2011

La Trappe Belgian Ratskeller

La Trappe Belgian Ratskeller, originally uploaded by deanv41.

La Trappe is a rare find in North Beach: a superb restaurant with a strong identity and a convivial environment. I call it a Ratskeller, though that is not a part of its name. Upstairs is a small dining room and the open kitchen. The real event, though, is down a spiral staircase in the center of the room where one descends into a large vaulted lounge, a few side rooms lit with Moroccan lamps, and a lively bar. It reminds me of cozy German cellars that host simple restaurants, good beer, sometimes music, and always a sense of 'Gemütlichkeit,' or a traditional shared warmth of hearth. It's specialty is moules et frites -- mussels & fries. The beer menu is a vast read. Prices are not particularly cheap, but the vibe and quality make this unique place worth it.

Along Greenwich by La Trappe

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