Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Not Fresh but Now

As my camera is in the shop, my posts have dwindled with just a few archival snaps. I prefer a blog to be either contemporary or historic, so drawing from old photographs doesn't really appeal and i'm determined not to make Fleeting House an echo chamber of other recent blogs' posts.
Bear in mind, though, that i'm percolating many Winter thoughts to share including a rhapsody about a newly purchased photo monograph of Judy Linn's photographs of Patti Smith snapped from 1969 through 1976. It's an electric compendium to the Just Kids autobiography and is especially inspiring visually.
So much of the news and my newsday is consumed with big bad events, some i have a more intimate relationship with than others, but i feel Fleeting House should exhibit my own best-focused progressive thoughts, not political, but social and artistic. More posts pending.

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